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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

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Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator

So you’ve hit this site and you’re wondering what Artemis is. Imagine the bridge of the starship such as those featured on Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Firefly and many other science-fiction stories. Imagine the bridge crew with defined stations such as science, helm, weapons, communications, engineering all commanded by the Captain. That’s what Artemis is. It’s primarily LAN based with the intent of having six friends command one ship with five client computers and the Captain without any computers. The game offers scripted sieges where you battle against AI enemies and player written scripts where many of them are a lot of fun. There is also a Game Master mode and supplied script that you need to run that allows someone to inflict great evil on your crew.

Many configurations are possible, there are multi-bridge set-ups that have 12 people… and 18 and many more people playing cooperatively or against each other. You don’t all need to be in the same room or building either, enabling port 2010 TCP allows Internet play…and more details on that are here.

However that brings us to what this site is about. Whether you like formal role play, less strict role play or what you would consider to be no role play at all, this site can help you find people to play with because most importantly of all, Artemis is a social game. So here you can use a traditional forum, start or join groups (that are as private or as public as you like) and use the site as a social network. With luck and a bit of work you’ll find a bridge station on a ship that suits you.

More information on Artemis is probably best sourced from the official site. Tell them we sent you. :-)

Taken from a recent session, this combines all of the elements you see in Artemis game play, tension, conflict, excitement and success… if you ignore the loss of one space station!

Here’s another example of a recent session we had where we let the kids take over, it was great fun!

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