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StarfleetComms is an upbeat science fiction podcast with reviews and news taking you on a journey through the space gaming universe and beyond. Exploring film, television, games and books, we will bring you reviews, blogs, podcasts and features of all things science fiction.

Our latest science fiction podcast episodes, reviews and blogs are below:

StarfleetComms Podcast: S3E04 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The ExpanseWe discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Expanse Looking at the hype years before the film and taking you on a journey to the moment you step outside the cinema, Lissie Comte, Ciarán Maher, Sean Woodward and John Richardson discuss the new Star Wars film and later in the show are introduced to the excellent new Syfy series entitled The Expanse. We reached out to you and via various media you told us how much (or how little) you enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens...
StarfleetComms Podcast: S3E03 - Star Trek - the new series and BeyondThe Holiday episode of the StarfleetComms Science Fiction Podcast! It's certainly a busy time at StarfleetComms Towers! We welcome Ciarán Maher to the crew and well and truly sheep-dip him in a Star Trek discussion revolving around the new series announced a few weeks back. We reached out to you our glorious listeners and asked for feedback on what you thought this new series should look like. You certainly didn't disappoint and we discuss all of your ideas, thank you so much to you all.
StarfleetComms Podcast: S3E02 - PrometheusStarfleetComms Podcast goes to the movies! We take on Ridley Scott's Prometheus and a great short called Spectrum by Cody James Ong and Joshua Tendero Some would say that reviews on Prometheus would be a little late in the day but not us! There are very polarised views regarding this film that John Richardson and Sean Woodward discuss in depth with some opinion provided by Darrin Olson, Zak Starlord, Iain Sheridan and Trevor Marsh. Thanks guys! For that discussion, see here: https://plus.

The Expanse air date in the UKTLDR: Join our Thunderclap to have @SyFyUK or @NBCUniversal give us more information as to when The Expanse will be aired in the UK. Or Tweet them! Please re-tweet the message below! Or both! https://twitter.com/StarfleetComms/status/694850749583495168 To read more on why this needs a campaign, see below! In January I made a polite enquiry to the UK's SyFy channel on Twitter asking when we would see The Expanse within the UK. The response I got was "Check back for updates".
Scif-fi author interviews wanted for our podcastHowever you are published, if you write science fiction we'd love to hear from you. We're setting up a schedule of audio interviews to be included in our podcast alongside our science fiction discussion content. This is your chance to tell us and our listeners about you, your inspirations, your work and any challenges you've faced, as well as an opportunity for you to share words of wisdom to anyone thinking of becoming an author or writer.
StarfleetComms Podcast - Series III - Nothing to do with Star Trek (almost)The StarfleetComms Podcast is back and it still isn't anything to do with Star Trek (almost). After a bit of a break the StarfleetComms Podcast is set to return for Series Three! No longer will we focus on one game alone, no longer will we focus on purely games or bridge sims. Our remit has widened to include pretty much anything and everything that is Science Fiction related and we'll be presenting it with a contemporary humorous/non-humorous slant.

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